Too many small business owners imagine the only way to take their business to the subsequent level is to add a sales rep to their team. While hiring a new sales rep could be a nice way to achieve that goal, you additionally have to make sure it’s the suitable time so that you can hire and that your small business is ready to take on a sales professional. There are 5 things you need to consider before you hire your first sales rep that can assist you keep away from turnover and the high costs related with hiring the wrong person.

Who’s answerable for sales right now?

As is the case in many small businesses, the owner is usually the individual accountable for all selling activities. It’s not till the company starts to develop that a few of this responsibility is given to somebody else. That being said, there needs to be a balance between your time spent selling and your time spent working on the business. If all your time is being spent chasing down leads and never enough time is being spent on strategy or different business wants, then it’s best to consider hiring a sales rep.

The place are your leads coming from?

Once you’ve evaluated how much time you’re spending on sales, it is best to then assess where and the way you’re getting your leads. Are lots of your leads coming into your enterprise and your time is spent following up? Or are you having to network and prospect to search out quality leads and much of your time is spent producing new enterprise? Answering these questions may also help you identify what type of salesindividual you could hire. A sales rep whose main function is to shut incoming enterprise and build relationships goes to have totally different skills than a sales rep who needs to go into the sector and prospect.

Do you’ve got a defined sales process?

Before you may hire and train a new sales rep in your sales process, it’s essential to first have a clearly defined and systematic process. Define the totally different levels of the process and who needs to be doing what at every stage. Even for those who do hire a new sales rep, there will be an opportunity you will still must be involved within the process till your can hire more reps or till the sales rep ramps as much as speed. Additionally, knowing the ins and outs of your sales process will assist you determine whether a hunter or a farmer will perform better in this role.

What marketing are you doing for what you are promoting?

The key to a sales rep’s success starts with good marketing. Without sustained marketing efforts, you would not have leads and prospects to follow up with. Take some time to evaluate your own marketing efforts. Are you speaking to your potential purchasers within the way and through the medium they have to be spoken to immediately? Have you positioned yourself properly or as a leader in your trade? Making a deliberate funding in marketing could also be more strategic and have an extended impact than adding a sales rep to your team. Remember, most individuals at this time do their initial research online instead of just reaching out to a sales rep to be taught more information.

How are you going to train them?

The number one reason sales reps fail is because of poor sales leadership. Earlier than you hire a new sales rep, you need to first think by means of how you want to onboard, train, and supervise them. You may’t just hire a sales rep and anticipate them to hit the ground running with no direction and no coaching. Whether you’re going to be supervising and training the sales rep, or you hire a sales leader to coach them, there must be someone there to train them in your sales process and expectations. In the event you don’t have the time or resources to do so, you run a high risk of turnover.

Earlier than you hire a sales rep in your small business, you must first consider your sales process, marketing efforts and whether your corporation has enough resources to train and onboard a new employee. By doing this assessment before you make a hire, you lower the risk of turnover and the high prices associated with making the mistaken hire.

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