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To calculate your rebranding costs, visit our Rebranding Pricing Guide.ALBANY — When City Council President Cathy Nolan arrived at City Hall recently, she found a package waiting for her in the reception area. She opened it, and pulled out a Christmas-themed one-page letter from the New York City Office of the Mayor.

«We wish you a very merry Christmas, and we hope you have a great 2013,» the letter began. «With that in mind, this is to inform you that the Office of the Mayor will be mailing you an official 2013 New York City Christmas card, which will be delivered at the earliest possible moment. Your letter gives us an important window into your likes and dislikes. Please do not hesitate to let us know what you would like to see on the card.»

The next paragraph, in a vertical paragraph, gave a brief explanation as to why the mayor, not the city council, is responsible for sending the cards.

After the 2012 card was designed, the mayor’s office was inundated with requests for some suggestions to improve the card. The mayor’s office has a policy of asking if there is anything else they can do to improve the card, but also has a policy of avoiding anything that might require council approval.

«We are now obliged to go back and review the New York City Christmas card,» Nolan said. «One of our vendors informed us that we have a big red flag that there is a problem. We have to do some investigation, and we are going to do it.»

Nolan said she’d like to see the card contain a selection of holiday-related greetings. She said she’d also like to see a further explanation of the city’s process for the design of the card.

«It could be a simple one-page letter,» Nolan said. «It could be a little longer.»

Nolan said she also would like to see a clearer explanation of the city’s procedure for submitting suggestions. «Maybe it would be good to have a link that would allow people to submit their own ideas and have a way of seeing what’s already been done,» Nolan said. «Perhaps it could be part of the council’s online calendar.»

The council president said she didn’t know whether the city would continue to do these cards after the term of Mayor Michael Bloomberg ends in eea19f52d2

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Recurrent idiopathic ureteral rupture following open laparotomy for left-sided pelvic abscess and subsequent successful management by transurethral resection of the ureter.
A case of recurrent idiopathic ureteral rupture following open left-sided pelvic abscess drainage is described. A 36-year-old woman presented with generalized peritonitis. Intravenous urography and retrograde ureteral catheterization revealed the left side ureter to be absent. A diagnosis of idiopathic ureteral rupture was made and a left-sided pelvic abscess drained. A ureteric stent was inserted at the conclusion of the operation. Despite close follow-up, the patient subsequently suffered a recurrent ureteric rupture. This was managed successfully by transurethral resection of the ureter, and she has been well for 1 year without evidence of recurrence.Women’s bobsleigh at the 1992 Winter Olympics

Women’s bobsleigh at the 1992 Winter Olympics consisted of two events, one each in the four-man and the two-woman bobsleigh competition. The competitions were held from 12 February to 16 February 1992 at the Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh Track.

Medal summary



Medal table

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Sport 123. Olympic Winter Games 1992, Lillehammer.
Sport 123. Olympic Winter Games 1992, Lillehammer.

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Category:1992 in women’s sport
Category:Women’s events at the 1992 Winter Olympics, we have, in essence, developed a more robust yet simpler model that supports both the dominant loss of best PFC and impairment in higher-order cognitive processes ([Fig. 3](#fig03){ref-type=»fig»}). This model is complementary