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How to aggregate two select in D3

Hello I have a list of nodes and I want to make a graph out of it. To do that I have to add two pieces of information, an Id and a size. My problem is that I need to first add a selection and then add the size of all items.
My code:
let nodes = d3.range(1, 6).map(() => ({id: ‘id1’, size: 1}));
let selectedNodes = [];
nodes.forEach(node => selectedNodes.push({node})

let select = d3.select(«.graph»).selectAll(«circle»)
.attr(«cx», d => d.x)
.attr(«cy», d => d.y)
.attr(«r», d => d.size);

let size = d3.range(1, 6).map(() => ({size: 2}));

.attr(«cx», d => d.x)
.attr(«cy», d => d.y)
.attr(«r», d => d.size);

The Problem:
If I use one of the select then everything is fine but as soon as I add another selection to my code, the circles only appear in the first selected node.
As said in the comments, I tried replacing the enter for a selection with a update and a merge. Now the problem is that the graph appears but it appears at the last node:
let selectedNodes = [];
nodes.forEach(node => selectedNodes.push({node})

let size = d3.range(1, 6).map(() => ({size: 2}));

let update = d3.select(«.graph 70238732e0

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No warranty: You accept the entire risk when you use this program. This program should be used at your own risk.
Restore Regedit does not require an internet connection.
The only limitation of the restore application is that it restores Registry Editor to normal status, and it does not include any functionalities such as the repair of damaged items.
It only makes sense to use Restore Regedit if the operation of Registry Editor is completely damaged, or if you have installed any tool that attacks the Windows Registry.

Posted: Jun 11, 2008


I had also experienced this problem before and then i solved it myself.

I had solved it using’regedit’ and ‘dism.exe’ commands but i’m sharing it here to help some new people.

2. Right click on this file and press ‘Run’. This will open command prompt window.
3. Type ‘dism.exe /mountvol /clean’ and press ENTER.
4. Type’regedit’ and press ENTER.

This will delete all the keys that are causing problems.

But in some cases this will not solve the problem.

So use backup of registry from ‘dism.exe’ command prompt or use other restore software like Nintindow registry.

Let me know if this post helped.


Posted: Jun 11, 2008


It is a real-time.


Posted: Jun 11, 2008


M8, i did try it with regedit but it didn’t work. I don’t know how to use dism and the command prompt.

I am using windows vista sp1.


Posted: Jun 11, 2008


dism is the only command in command prompt.

dism.exe /mountvol /clean

i think that’s all. try it and let me know.

and the /clean is not in regular command prompt but in command prompt for windows (x64 edition).


Posted: Jun 11, 2008


i tried it. but it didn’t work. i don’t know what’s wrong.

please help me.


Posted: Jun 11, 2008


it worked for me