KeyMacro is a convenient software application that is designed to make Mac OS X users work with their keyboard and mouse, as well as their keyboard shortcuts, in a more efficient manner.
While there are numerous shortcuts that have been established by developers for Adobe’s powerful applications, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, they may prove difficult and confusing for users that have no prior knowledge of their usage.
In addition to that, it is frequently a good idea to create shortcuts for use in your computer programs, especially when you are working with multiple applications in a single application window or with more than one project at a time.
KeyMacro makes it possible for you to create shortcuts for your common, and often-used keyboard and mouse shortcuts, allowing you to quickly access them from any window in your Mac OS X system.
KeyMacro lets you access the shortcuts you’ve set up via a table of predefined keyboard shortcuts, so that you are able to simply press a few key combinations to trigger the operation of the functions that are tailored to your use.
KeyMacro also lets you access the shortcuts that are built into the system by using their long versions (or for instance, Control-Shift-G to access the «Go to File» menu option).
Although it is very easy to use, KeyMacro is not just for Mac OS X users. It is also suitable for use in Windows systems since it comes with a convenient «Folder List» that has an identical interface to the aforementioned table.
KeyMacro allows you to create as many shortcuts as you’d like and drag and drop them into the table, enabling you to quickly access the functions that have been assigned to them.
For those who are not happy with the predefined list of shortcuts, KeyMacro lets you customize it, changing the table’s appearance and allowing you to add more or remove shortcuts from it.
KeyMacro is a handy software solution that lets you access your system’s keyboard shortcuts as quickly as you’d like, whether you are using Mac OS X or Windows.
Mac OS X Lion installer
KeyMacro is a software application designed to let Mac OS X users improve their efficiency with their keyboard and mouse and their keyboard shortcuts by creating shortcuts for their common, and often-used operations.
It is also possible to create shortcuts for use in your programs, making it possible to simply press a few key combinations to trigger the operation of the functions that are tailored to your use.
KeyMacro has been built with this idea 384a16bd22

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FileViewer is a utility that displays file contents in an embedded viewer. It provides interface to view not only files, but also folders and archives. It’s light, stable, and efficient – not too expensive on system resources.FileViewer is freeware, released as GPL, and can be downloaded here.
Interface and functionality
FileViewer has a simple and intuitive interface. It allows you to navigate the directory structure, opening or creating new files and folders. You can perform basic operations such as move, rename, delete, or copy file or folder.
By default, the application displays the file or folder content, and its directories and subfolders, as well as their sizes in bytes and on disk. If you click on a file or folder, it gets displayed in an embedded viewer.
When viewing a file, you can also access its content by dragging it in the embedded viewer, or by using the Ctrl+L shortcut. It’s possible to open the file in a program such as Notepad, if desired. You can add files to a favorites list, which you can later download with one click.
FileViewer works with file, folder, archive and shortcut files. The application has built-in support for most commonly used formats, including both Windows and Linux-based formats. It works with BSD, OS X, and Solaris file and folder archives.
FileViewer offers multiple language support: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Finnish, Italian, and Czech.
FileViewer supports the Windows clipboard history. It also allows you to copy files to the clipboard, when selecting them. By default, each file gets a copy action: move, copy, or link. Each file gets its own history list.
FileViewer is a compact and efficient utility that provides a good interface to view files and folders. You can search and navigate the directory structure, or sort its contents by size, date, and other parameters.
There’s built-in support for most file types, including most commonly used formats for both Windows and Linux. By default, the application displays files and folders in their embedded viewer.
Clicking on a file opens it in an embedded viewer. You can also use the Ctrl+L shortcut to open a file in an embedded viewer. It’s possible to open a file in a program such as Notepad, as well.
FileViewer allows you to add