This application takes as input the length of hypotenuse, and the input angle that it forms with the adjacent.
Straightforward, and easy to use
A simple, straightforward process
No history tracker
The application displays the requested values
No exports available

Math is divided into an abundance of branches, and sure enough are all tied together. Trigonometry is one branch, and is responsible for the study of triangles, lengths, and angles. Just to skip you some effort, applications like Triangles Rectangles Solver can determine all values of a triangle, based on your input.
Straightforward and easy to use
As the name might suggest, the application specializes itself in triangle rectangles, or right triangles, which have one angle of 90 degrees. It takes little time to install, and you can launch it directly when this is done. Unlike most Command Line utilities, this one can run without having to navigate through Command Prompt.
General info is shown on launch, so you get an idea of what’s about to happen. Even if you ignore the description, requirement fields are pretty intuitive, and effort on your behalf is narrowed down to writing a few numerical values, as you’re asked for them.
No history tracker, or export options
A simple, straightforward process starts off by writing down the length of the hypotenuse. Afterwards, you need to specify the angle it forms with the adjacent. This bit of info is enough for the application to automatically calculate rest of details, such as slope percentage, adjacent, and opposite lengths, as well as the second angle, considering one of them is 90 by default.
You can either take another shot at it, or quit. Sadly, history is not kept track of, even if you continue with a new triangle. What’s more, you need to take the time to manually write down values where needed, because there’s no possibility to save results to file. Since it’s a command line utility, don’t expect to actually see the triangle.
In conclusion
Bottom line is that accuracy is a key feature of every computer, and Triangles Rectangles Solver helps you easily find all lengths, and angles of a right triangle, by simply writing down a set of values. Even though it doesn’t show the triangle itself, it would have been useful to at least be able to save results to file.
KEYMACRO Description:
This application takes as input the length of hypot 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a «one-stop solution» for managing all your keyboard mappings. Unlike other softwares, KeyMACRO allows you to configure as many key mappings as you want. It includes an easy-to-use «skins» designer that enables you to create your own custom skin/theme. What’s more, KeyMACRO supports «hot-keys», «macros» and «system events» to help you configure your Windows OS and other software. KeyMACRO supports Win, Win2K, Me, XP and Vista.
KeyMACRO Features:
* Support for multiple mappings
* Ability to assign mappings and hot-keys for all applications (including one for the OS)
* Ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to both all applications or particular applications
* Support for all Windows OS including Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
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* Ability to assign macros to all applications
* Ability to manage system events
* Easy-to-use «skins» designer to create your own custom skins/themes
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* Ability to create/open resource files from scratch