#1: auto-play videos in Edge automatically
#2: disable media suggestions to the right
#3: play only music
#4: supports most media
#5: set your default volume
#6: set your default audio track
#7: block video ads in Edge
#8: add this extension to Edge
#9: enhanced player with options
#10: ignore bad encodings
#11: block script elements
#12: enable/disable comments
#13: add to start page
#14: change your search provider
#15: fast search
#16: set as default browser
#17: customize your browser
#18: send feedback
#19: remove background image
#20: hide new tab button
#21: open as new tab
#22: hide toolbars
#23: new tab is on the left
#24: disable back/forward button
#25: change media volume
#26: add to favorites
#27: set homepage
#28: no top toolbars
#29: on top-right: hide/show navigation bar
#30: search or navigation bar
#31: add site to favorites
#32: set start page
#33: disable right/left arrow
#34: disable videos/pictures
#35: set preloading
#36: set download media
#37: show/hide sidebar
#38: add page to favorites
#39: remove site from favorites
#40: tabs on the right
#41: search your saved sites
#42: hide search
#43: show search bar
#44: hide your tabs
#45: hide toolbar
#46: download for offline viewing
#47: add bookmark
#48: set proxy/useragent
#49: on top: show/hide sidebar
#50: set background color
#51: use opera style
#52: force html5
#53: set download size
#54: set playback size
#55: quick search
#56: control over your tabs
#57: use opera style
#58: hide your tabs
#59: customize your tab
#60: custom homepage
#61: background image
#62: auto-play video
#63: zoom/unzoom
#64: add location to favorites
#65: install directly
#66: disable playlist
#67 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO allows you to define your own keyboard macros easily and quickly.
Tasks you can do with KEYMACRO
KEYMACRO is a simple software application that can be used to automate any repetitive tasks on your keyboard. It is the next step after a text editor, as it lets you define and insert a new keyboard sequence that will be performed every time you press the assigned key. For example, you can assign the CTRL+C to execute a command or send a key combination to a program.
You can assign a key combination to a function using the function key shortcuts; these shortcuts include CTRL+X to copy the current selection, CTRL+V to paste it, CTRL+I to insert text, CTRL+C to copy, CTRL+N to create a new file, CTRL+Z to undo, and CTRL+Y to redo.
To create new keyboard macros in KEYMACRO, you need to assign a function to the first key, and then press it repeatedly. When you press the last key of a macro, the first key will be automatically pressed once more to finish the macro. You can also assign a function to each of the keys of a macro, so it executes when you press any of the keys in a specified sequence.
In addition, you can set the keyboard to repeat the macro multiple times, and the priority of the macro. For example, you can set the macro to be triggered with CTRL+C three times in one second, or in a fixed sequence, at a specified time, or in a regular sequence every time the user types a specific letter.
What you can’t do with KEYMACRO
With KEYMACRO, you cannot define macros with irregular sequences and time intervals.
In fact, you can only define macros with fixed sequences; for example, a shortcut that executes the function for CTRL+C three times in one second. If you want to schedule a macro to happen on a different time or in a different sequence, you should use a separate program for that purpose.
What makes this keyboard macro software application useful
KEYMACRO allows you to create easy and fast macros.
Evaluation and conclusion
KEYMACRO is a light tool with a comprehensive manual. The program is designed to create keyboard macros in a limited number of sequences with a fixed time interval, and it’s not suitable for the creation of macros with irregular or uncertain sequences. It doesn’t include a high-level interface, but it can be used in combination with other applications.