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My guess is that they are just a front for gradually raising public awareness- so it won’t be such a terrific shock when the real story comes out. You would love mine, I wear them out all the time. Thanks BP. Well if you’ll give me then I’ll probably try to wear it. There is a lot of give and take. Please call in and give your opinions. One more thing, this is the real deal! Tricia is actually athletic and does real sports – but enjoys miniature golf. I asked him if he liked how they felt . Seems she had already discussed me wearing them with the saleslady as she asked if I was finally caught. Awww Charia when I win the Lotto I will buy you a whole cupboard full of boots, I think the would look super on you. I have a whole closet full of boots, even some for those special occassions lol.

I have to say they are my favourite too. It wasn’t something that I took lightly but I have to admit the lure of the Old West, the legends of Texas and the images the name of the state conjures up in the mind made it much easier than moving to say – Idaho. Have done so for many years. Like in a years time. Boots on a woman are absolutely stunning, almost like being sucked in my a tractor beam. Hey there Mike I agree with you 100% it s one of the finest sights on earth, a woman in boots. I think every woman should own a separate closet full of em. Oh it is great to see a man who really appreciates boots, I would be lost without them in my little closet that is for sure. Obviously larger family chain retail stores all stock ladies boots at an affordable price but if you want to try online my first choice would be placing a bid for them on Ebay if you see some there you like.

Hiya 50 caliber great to hear from a man who appreciates the free webcam sex chat appeal of these awesome boots. Marriage became impermanent; maybe because of the sex thing, I don’t know. I know id like it. Thanks so much sandunkuki glad you like it. It’s something that has always snapped my neck for a second look, glad to see it is not just me. Like 10 of them would show up because they wanted to see the naked girls and tell us to hold it down. It’s nice to see some size 3s without too much of a heel- I’m a bit wobbly on anything over 2 inches! Of late, I’ve become obsessed with women’s shoes, although these are a bit extreme. There is a great site that caters for ladies with larger calve muscles who are chasing women’s boots. KMFDM has a better «Boots» cover. It is not important which one is better.

As a long time leather lover of all sorts i truly appreicate reading articles such as this one so well done and keep up the good work. I am the lover of the BOOT. A man who appreciates a boot or two. Boot Day of the Year is Friday, December 2! I knew i wanted my hair that long one day. Woo hoo. Have a great day. Glad to have you back blondepoet! I’m glad someone is tackling the really important issues! I do love it when my man wears them just don’t tell him that or I will be in trouble lol make sure to take a break from it so you don’t get stuck in a rut and get bored. My clothes were always infested with cat hair and, well, you get the picture. Obviously you are not going to get the quality in a boot, that you will with a designer label or more upmarket choice but you can still pick yourself up a great pair. I ever owned were a pair of Dingos from down under.

Here is some great ideas that may assist in you in purchasing a great pair. I am not a native Texan, which of course will forever count against me here in the Lone Star State. Although there are only 4 (make a note they stress ONLY 4) types of venomous snakes native to Texas there are actually 15 subspecies that could potentially be lethal. Hey there Ru-an, oh wow you have great taste. Agencies are still using very thin folks to show off products, most of these folks are just too thin, hope I have not annoyed anyone, I love nice clothing – that fits. I still laugh about it all the time. Not only surrounded by them, but they will be touching them and close to very private areas on the body almost all of the time. I could barely close the pants of my black suit. Beavercreek is generally your ideal place to live, close access to the base an amenities to include the best school district in the area.