KeyMacro is an easy to use and fast email verification tool that allows you to create multiple user accounts and send autoresponders from them. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to send multiple emails from a single email address. It supports attachments, URL links, mailto: links and many other email features. You can also set different replies for each user or group of users.
KeyMacro has a lot of other useful features and in our opinion it’s the perfect tool for those who want to save time and resources while sending bulk email.
This program works in a similar way to other email generators, like MailStarter. It works by parsing the body of an email and searching for information that can identify the sender. These include email addresses, URL links, text and HTML links. If the program finds what it’s looking for, it creates the profile that’s necessary to send an email.
KeyMacro allows you to add and remove accounts as many times as you want. This way you can create more than one user for each domain, creating multiple autoresponders or you can send unique emails from a single user account.
KeyMacro has a lot of other features, some of which include:
You can easily set your own keywords and tell the program to check only for those keywords.
You can create as many as you want and each account can be used to send as many emails as you want.
You can limit the number of failed attempts per sender to a specific number, which comes in handy for clients that are using a dynamic IP.
You can check the IP address of the sender to limit the users you can reach from a single IP address.
You can choose to display the name of the domain that’s sending the email as well as the unique email address of the sender.
You can attach files to the email as well as link URLs to images or any file on your website.
You can choose to hide or remove the original email message, allowing the program to work in a proxy mode.
KeyMacro includes all of the different functions that are needed to send bulk emails such as sending autoresponders, creating HTML versions of emails, image linking and image attachments.
How KEYMACRO works:
KeyMacro checks the sender’s email address and automatically extracts its information. It searches the email for keywords that match the sender’s email address. If there are any matches, the program creates a profile for that sender. Once this 4f8c9c8613

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