Also called iMACro, KEYMACRO is an editor for NFO files, both as a stand-alone application and an add-on for Portable iNFekt. Similar to iMacro for iMacros, KEYMACRO is able to parse the text within NFO files and automatically copy it into the program’s clipboard.
iMacro is a macro recorder and text editor for Microsoft Word® and AppleWorks®. Its most distinctive feature is a powerful macro language which enables users to design their own macros to perform repetitive tasks. iMacro can help a user perform many tasks such as repeating a single action on a large number of selected text. The program’s ability to handle large amounts of text and create the instructions that control this text has been used to create applications that automatically format large blocks of text.

The authors of Portable iNFekt have also released KEYMACRO for Portable iNFekt 3.0.


you still can’t touch the screen for yourself, nor are you able to use it, there’s still the option to let somebody else use it. There’s a dedicated arm to use it. Of course, you won’t be able to do anything with it, but this setup allows you to use your device without requiring another person to actually touch it. Of course, you’ll have to get a relative that has a touch screen set up for you.

Controls of the Typing Robot

Typing Robot Keypad

Not only will you have to physically get your relative to touch your keyboard and enter what they’re going to say, but now you’ll have to physically control it. The keyboard, of course, is pretty much the same as what you’ll find on an average smartphone or laptop keyboard. However, it’s a little different, because you’ll be looking at a keyboard that isn’t even attached to your device. It’s a stand-alone machine, and that makes it really easy to operate. When you use it, you have to actually look at the screen of the robot. The robot will say everything out loud. So, when you have to make a selection, you’ll be looking at the robot, instead of your device.

Some features of the robot

What’s also different about the Typing Robot is that there are some features that 384a16bd22

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PHP Tools for Visual Studio is the first IDE for PHP developers. It has an integrated PHP code editor that allows you to write, debug, and execute PHP code while you are developing PHP applications.
The extension includes integrated debugging capabilities that will display the values of variables and objects. The debugger also allows you to inspect the execution context of each line of code you execute.
PHP Tools for Visual Studio requires at least PHP v5.3.4.
It also requires the Zend Optimizer 2 ( extension to be installed.

Allows you to execute classes and functions with real PHP call stack and step into functions.
This extension is not officially supported by Microsoft.

Visual Studio Code with PHPUnit extension (not PECL)
Adds PHPUnit testing support to the PHP extension of VSCode.
Use it to easily test PHP code with the PHPUnit framework.

Allows you to install extensions from the Marketplace via an API

When you enable Marketplace extensions from Visual Studio, you do not need to add the ext_nuget folder to the ext folder of your PHP installation. This happens automatically



To get started with PHPUnit, make sure that:

PHPUnit is installed on your computer

(Note: PHPUnit 5 is not supported for PHPStorm versions earlier than 2018.2. Please upgrade to the latest version of PHPStorm before installing the extension)

Visual Studio code with PHPUnit extension has installed

The PHPStorm version used with the extension is currently at least 2018.2 and is available in the marketplace

Extension Version

phpStorm 2018.2.1

phpStorm 2019.2

phpStorm 2020.1

phpStorm 2020.2

phpStorm 2021.1

phpStorm 2021.2