It is intended to be mainly used by podcasters to automatically download and process media downloaded from rss feeds. It is written in C++. This tool is fully of Free Software.

The Automatic Feed Downloader application is only meant to save hours of time and work other volunteers are wasting on downloading MP3 files from rss feeds. This tool may be used with free rss feeds, like Omnirss or feedbin.

The Automatic Feed Downloader application supports multiple podcasts at 66cf4387b8

As you can see, ANIVideoConverter can erase or reorder the images if they are selected. So, if you want to create a new DVD player, choose «new movie file» and do whatever you want with that.

If you want to edit your old DVD movies and reorder them, you have to load the project. After that, just choose the image you want by drag and drop and choose «reorder». It works and it is really easy