Easy-to-use MDI Viewer is an all-in-one utility that lets you open, view and save images and MDI files.
Key features:

Easy MDI file opening and viewing
Multiple image formats support
Import and export image files
Help file included

MDI Viewer Category:
File Viewers

MDI Viewer File:
MDI Viewer.exe
MDI Viewer Full Version.rar
MDI Viewer Upgrade.zip
MDI Viewer Demo.zip
MDI Viewer Torrent.zip
MDI Viewer Setup.exe
MDI Viewer Portable.zip
MDI Viewer Setup Tutorial.exe
MDI Viewer Serial.rar

MDI Viewer Screenshots:

About MDI Viewer
MDI Viewer is a very basic Windows utility that was designed with a single goal in mind: allow you to view MDI files with just a few clicks.
Plain GUI and file types you can open
And because everything has been designed to be very simple, the interface is far from being eye-candy or appealing. It is just the classic way to let you open an image file with absolutely no other menu or configuration screen.
Besides support for MDI files, MDI Viewer is also compatible with a few other image formats, including JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIFF, so the application can very well be used as a universal image viewer.
Support for all Windows editions and accessibility for all users
Unfortunately however, MDI Viewer is far from what you may expect, relying on very basic components, including interface and features.
As you can see, everything’s very simple within MDI Viewer, so beginners should have absolutely no problem when using the application, yet the developers have still included a Help file to provide more information on the application.
Just as expected, you do not need a very fast computer to run the application and it remains very friendly with computer resources all the time, no matter the Windows version installed on a given computer.
Overall, MDI Viewer may come in handy to some of the users out there, yet the application simply lacks too many features to become a top product in this particular software segment. An interface update, as well as more features and a detailed customization screen are absolutely mandatory for such an app.
Not to mention that an image viewer needs file associations tools eea19f52d2


XPS To TIFF Converter Software is an intuitive tool that aims to assist you in obtaining TIFF documents out of XML Paper Specification files, supporting bulk operations to save you time and effort.
Simple yet clear-cut looks
The utility displays a rather basic, yet functional user interface, its straightforward features making it accessible even to less experienced individuals, from the first use.
The main window of the program lets you add your source files, through several methods, while on the lower edge, you can define the output preferences for the conversion process.
Swiftly turn XPS documents to TIFF format
XPS To TIFF Converter Software allows you to load files by drag and dropping them onto the main window. Nonetheless, you can also opt for the classic method, meaning you can browse through your PC and load the items you wish to process, individually or a folder at once.
In terms of of output options, the application enables you to pick the preferred ‘TIFF Compression’ type, for instance ‘TIFFCRLE’, TIFFG3’, ‘TIFF32D’, ‘TIFFG4’, ‘TIFFLZW’, ‘TIFFPACK’ (which is the default setting), ‘TIFF12NC’ or ‘TIFF24NC’, depending on your particular needs.
Finally, you can define a destination folder for the resulting files or preserve the initial configuration, which will output them to your desktop. You can then press the ‘Start Converting to TIFF’ button and within moments, a popup window informs you of the task’s completion.
A lightweight conversion instrument for XPS files
To conclude, XPS To TIFF Converter Software is an efficient and easy to handle program on which you can rely for turning your XPS documents to TIFF files, enabling you to complete the process with minimal strain.

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It will check your PC for updates daily and weekends, and notify you with the notification message when a new version is available.
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