Support for offline, offline-first, and online-first sync clients.

Offline-first and online-first sync clients can update their local data asynchronously, even when they are offline.

Support for synchronizing directly to the database in SQL Azure

Integration with the user interface, progress and error reporting.

SQL Azure provider for Sync Framework
The SQL Azure provider for Sync Framework is a modified version of the Sync Framework Provider for SQL Server that allows you to synchronize against SQL Azure instead of SQL Server. It is optimized for SQL Azure and includes several features such as caching, incremental and optimistic locking, and more.
You can use the SQL Azure provider for Sync Framework as a database provider for any Sync Framework client, including the Sync Framework Power Pack for SQL Azure, or as a stand-alone provider for custom sync clients.
SQL Azure provider for Sync Framework was tested on SQL Azure instances running both Basic and Standard editions, and SQL Azure SQL Data Sync Tool for SQL Server has been tested on SQL Server Express and SQL Azure Express (both editions).

Visual Studio plugin for SQL Azure Data Sync
The SQL Azure Data Sync Tool is a stand-alone utility that enables you to deploy an offline-first sync client to synchronize with SQL Azure.
The SQL Azure Data Sync Tool for SQL Server is not a client for Sync Framework, nor does it provide any offline sync functionality. However, it can be used to create a local SQL Server Compact database, which can then be used to offline-sync data between a SQL Server Compact 4.0 or later database file and SQL Azure.
The SQL Azure Data Sync Tool for SQL Server is compatible with SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2.

Using Sync Framework with SQL Azure
Using Sync Framework with SQL Azure makes it easy to synchronize your local SQL Server database with SQL Azure. The following sections demonstrate some simple, yet powerful scenarios that demonstrate how you can use SQL Azure and Sync Framework together.

Synchronize SQL Server with SQL Azure
In this scenario, we synchronize the AdventureWorks2012 database on one computer to a SQL Azure database. The data is synchronized between databases using SQL Azure Merge Replication.
SQL Azure Merge Replication is an online-first replication solution that allows you to synchronize data from a server to SQL Azure. The SQL Azure Merge Replication synchronization server will be located on a shared network, accessible by both the SQL Azure server and the computer that contains the database that you want to synchronize 70238732e0

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