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Someone who ignores your opening line is not «intimidating». It sort of sounds as though you said that women who are Ivy League educated are too intimidating and pretty women in major cities are too picky. Well, gee – what about us single, pretty, Ivy League educated, New York-residing women? Double bind :It’s immoral to position yourself as the sole solution to a woman’s problems, but average women in Los Angeles, NYC, Tel Aviv choose only alphas. If the real numbers don’t support what you’re saying about «alphas» and «betas» and the like, you simply change the definition a little. I really just don’t get what you’re saying. So chances are you will get along with her kids, but she will resent you for it because to her, her kids reference her as number one and nobody else is allowed to content for their affection. Though one of my cis flatmates have demonstrated to me how much crap you can fit in a pair of cargo pants from the men’s section.

I’m much less grouchy about other claims, but yes, 80% of women prefer the top 20% of men markedly enough that many men are excluded from dating and virtually no women are. The solution is simple: 80% of all women are IFs. 2. I’m not a mathematician but how the fuck is almost every woman having a dating life if 80% of them only want an «alpha» guy and the «alpha» guys only want hot chicks? Second, I solve the thorny problem of looking like a dork by saying «fuck it» and doing what I want, so I just carry my bag. And I was basically dating women who had, like me, been alone a long time, and I made promises of making myself available despite distance and disability that I couldn’t keep, which is a terrible thing to do to someone attached to you who has spectrum-, related needs of total reliability and consistency in a partner.

I can sort of understand this as the last step in a passive-aggression war with someone who’s stuffing their elbow in your gut and just doesn’t care, but just sitting down and putting up your little Wall Of Prissiness is an uptight-asshole move. The WRNS (Womens Royal Naval Service) was first formed in 1917 during World War One and after the war, was disbanded in spite of having over 5,500 members and a number of officers. Holly, your Cosmocking posts are one of my favorite things ever. Holly mentioned that small minority of men (women too but that would just be too much for the poor little PUA’s brains to handle) are total creepers, who you wouldnt even want to chat to for more than five minutes. Pick Up rawks when you are much more attractive, thinner, socially skilled than your partners. Then I got tired of ruining female Aspies’ lives and now things are much harder with women. Not so much what he says about sex, but what he says about other things.