The Adobe Acrobat Portfolio SDK provides a starting point for developers who are new to Flash Builder, or who would like to extend their current knowledge to Adobe Flash Builder 4.
Key features of Adobe Acrobat Portfolio SDK include:

Design custom layout and themes for Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat X from the Flash Builder IDE.
Develop custom navigators, make your own navigator and add the navigateToNext() and navigateToPrevious() actions to your Navigator control to customize the navigation behavior of your PDF Portfolio layouts.
Create an ActionScript 3 navigator, add navigateToNext() and navigateToPrevious() actions to the navigator and include calls to the navigator in a PDF Portfolio layout.
Design and implement a custom navigator action for Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat X from the Flash Builder IDE.
Develop your own theme and add it to your PDF Portfolio. You will use the NavigatorFactory service, ThemeFactory service, ThemeInstance, and ThemeInfo classes to create and load your custom theme and theme instance.
The Acrobat SDK for Flash Builder provides an easy-to-use and productive development environment. With just a few steps you can create your own PDF Portfolio layouts and themes. It also provides a complete solution for providing user-specific navigation and control to your PDF Portfolio layouts.
Adobe Acrobat Portfolio SDK Highlights:

Create Navigator controls and navigation using the Navigator Control Wizard.
Design a Navigator control from a single sprite (i.e., navigation button) and add it to your layout using the Navigator control wizard.
Define custom navigation functions for Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat X.
Add the navigateToNext() and navigateToPrevious() actions to your Navigator control.
Define the theme of your PDF Portfolio by creating a theme.
Generate a ThemeInfo class and the ThemeFactory class.
Use the ThemeInfo class to access the NavigationType property and the navigation buttons.
Use the ThemeFactory class to add the navigation buttons and navigate to the next page.
Navigate to the next page using navigateToNext() and navigateToPrevious() actions.
Navigate back to the first page using navigateToPrevious() and navigateToNext() actions.
Create a custom navigator action.
Test the custom navigator action in the Flash Builder IDE.

Adobe Acrobat Portfolio SDK Tutorials:
Here are some tutorials on Adobe Acrobat Portfolio SDK: eea19f52d2

DawnArk Video Converter is a simple-to-use program that allows you to encode media between several extensions, including AVI, MOV, ASF, MP4, OGG and MP3.
The converter comes with a user-friendly interface in which you can import files only by using the file browser, since the «drag and drop» function is not supported (but batch processing is).
So, you can view a queue with the title, duration, source and output format, as well as status of each file.
But you can also configure settings when it comes to the title, video size and bit rate, audio bit rate and channels, and others.
Furthermore, you can specify the target destination and format, preview the video, set the starting and ending point to trim it, take a snapshot, adjust the volume, navigate back and forth within the track, add a new profile, disable sound, and more.
The program takes up a moderate amount of system resources and quickly finishes a task without freezing, crashing or popping up errors. Also, it manages to keep a very good image and sound quality in the output files.
Unfortunately, there is no help file at your disposal and the demo version has some severe limitations. Otherwise, we strongly recommend DawnArk Video Converter to all users, whether they are novices or experts.
Key features:
1) Convert media between many formats, including AVI, MOV, ASF, MP4, OGG and MP3.
2) Support all popular video and audio codecs.
3) Possibility to convert files in different formats and quality, including 2D and 3D.
4) You can preview your files and enjoy them with the help of the preview function.
5) Auto trimming.
6) Support the «-cut» and «offset» parameters to cut and split your video files.
7) Import most popular video and audio files with their associated tags.
8) Manage multiple conversion jobs in one window.
9) Adjust the video and audio quality.
10) Support most popular video and audio files.
11) The program has a simple and intuitive interface, so it’s suitable for new users and experts alike.
12) It’s not time-consuming.
13) Show queue status.
14) Batch conversion.
15) Support built-in browser (supported only for the AVI and MP4 formats).
16) Choose from several advanced settingsрўрєрс‡рссњ-срр№р-koshik_avinash_veb_itika_2_0-rar-2052-рњ/

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