The business world is fierce and unforgiving. It takes a whole lot of grind and hustle to get to the top. Though many have tried, only a number of have really succeeded. Josh King Madrid, more famously known as JetSetFly, has all the makings of an incredible entrepreneur. Making use of what he discovered throughout his varied experiences, he has efficiently built a massive personal brand that continues to grow rapidly to this very day.

What started as an experimental Internet Marketing stint blossomed into tremendous success for JetSetFly. In 2016, a friend introduced him to the marketing industry. Shortly after, that pal would go on to grow to be the one that changed the way products and services have been sold on Instagram by inventing the world’s first-ever Instagram DM Automation Chatbot.

That very same good friend would invite JetSetFly to become the world’s first-ever beta-tester of his new technology years earlier than it was made available to the remainder of the world. During his time as a beta-tester, he would create, test, and master dozens of innovative marketing campaigns and learn how to launch viral ads with over 90% choose-in rates consistently.

These strategies would prove highly beneficial for their model, quadrupling their sales with only half the cost. JetSetFly hasn’t looked back ever since, slicing out each different type of marketing and strictly utilizing Instagram DM Automation to generate several hundred 1000’s of leads, tens of thousands and thousands of dollars in sales, and hundreds of thousands of followers.

«Without the opportunity to learn and access his tech, it would have value me multiple millions of dollars to get those same outcomes using traditional on-line advertising and marketing strategies,» shared JetSetFly. All through his whole career, the trailblazing entrepreneur has generated hundreds of hundreds of leads with viral product campaigns, selling over $20 million online.

His skills and expertise have led him to create his own educational podcast called The Dropout Degree, which has amassed over 1,000,000 downloads. Currently, JetSetFly has over half a million mixed social media followers. With such an enormous following, anything and everything he touches practically turns to gold, and this time he has set his eyes on the world of NFTs.

Earlier than the meteoric rise of NFTs in late 2021, JetSetFly already had his finger on the heartbeat after being hired as a neuro-marketing consultant for 3 separate NFT brands. Astonishingly, he was able to generate a total of $10 million in NFT sales for his shoppers within 45 days of being first introduced to the existence of NFTs.

Through his vast expertise within the NFT area, he founded, the world’s leading news supply for NFT Alphas on the web. The website provides readers with the latest news, market updates, and stories on NFTs, crypto and blockchain. The website is JetSetFly’s way of sharing the power of knowledge to the public, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings on the earth of blockchain.

The highly reputable model recently announced its NFT project called PaperBoyz. The a lot-anticipated project goals to distribute accurate, timely and related material to the NFT and blockchain community, much like the paperboys of old. The NFT collection consists of 3,650 animated paperboys that induct members into the $one hundred/month premium membership service, together with unique access to the NFTMag Convention, a large three,000+ particular person occasion in Florida to be held in the winter of 2022. In addition, all community members and holders may also get access to NFT training, the latest news and a community of like-minded high-worth individuals.