BakadoPlayer is a freeware player for Kodi. It is a lightweight application purposely designed for users that are stumbling upon movies with hard-coded subtitles.
We all know that hardcoded subtitles are an eyesore when another subtitle is loaded on top of it. Even though hard subs are not removable, BakadoPlayer provides more space for the subs to move to. In fact, the movie screen is separate from the subs area; this is an excellent feature for people that are annoyed by subs that are invading movie space.
Furthermore, BakadoPlayer is a good choice for users that need to load multiple subs in different languages. Overlapping won’t be a problem here as the player will neatly arrange the subtitles such way that there is no collision between them.
Also, the player sports a subtitle list that has previous and next buttons to navigate through it as well as a preview option for your subs. Drag&drop is also supported, so if you want to drag a sub in without opening multiple menus, you can do it.
All in all, Bakado player is a, but tile orientates program that takes efficiently manages your space by separating the movie window form the subtitle bar. We recommend it to all users that are using multiple subs at once or are just tired of video-sub overlapping.

*Fishing Game:
Bakado Player is the most lightweight and fastest subtitle player of it’s kind. Using multiple subtitles or subtitle languages at the same time is a breeze with this player. Now you don’t have to manually move your subtitles around, this player takes care of that for you, and then some. Make sure to check out the user manual.

• Fully Bookmarked Movies (with list)
• Easy to access and quick to load subtitles.
• Supports multiple languages for the subtitles!
• Drag&Drop support: Drag and drop subtitles into the player.
• Preview option: View all the subtitles available before loading into the player.
• Subtitle List: Shows all your subtitles with no hassle.
• Transcode subtitles into the playback-compatible format!
• No need for updating each time a new subtitle is available.
• Mouse gesture support!
• Player can work offline, saving your own subtitles and subtitles list.
• The player runs on Kodi without heavy influence on your device resources.
• You are free to add subtitles anywhere you like.
• You can use Bakado Player on mobile devices.
• You can add the player to the eea19f52d2

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