Lately, researchers have found that keyloggers are no longer the exception but are now the norm for keyloggers. Keyloggers allow an attacker to take over the target computer from a remote location and intercept every keystroke that occurs on the computer. Because of this, companies have introduced security measures such as keyloggers in order to monitor their employees’ computer usage and for the sake of workplace security and employee productivity. Today’s computers are very capable and contain many vulnerabilities. The goal of a keylogger is to place software on a user’s machine and remotely collect everything the user types.
Keystroke logging is not the only security breach that can occur on a computer. Many other types of potential security breaches can happen on a computer, such as:
• Keylogging, password capture and compromise
• Footprinting
• Hijacking
• Monitor/keystroke-logger
• Trojan horse
• Worms/viruses
Keystroke logging malware often attaches itself to other malware. So it would be prudent to use a keylogger to detect malicious software and malware. A keylogger can detect malware without being installed or present on the computer.
Another reason why keyloggers are so useful is that they work in all operating systems and hardware configurations. Companies like to protect their computers in the event that someone gets a hold of their computer. They can do this by disabling keyboard hotkeys and preventing the user from performing certain functions or they can prevent a user from being able to log-in to their computer remotely. A good way to do this is to log keystrokes for the duration of the computer being infected. It is also important to mention that even if a user is turned on and logged in to the computer, keyloggers can still capture keystrokes.
A keylogger can log a number of things, the most common is the input of the user’s login credentials (e.g., password, pass phrase, etc.). The login information is then transferred to an attacker who can then steal the login credentials and use them to infiltrate a computer network. Other logins that can be logged include sensitive data like credit card numbers and login information for online banking. This data can be transferred to an attacker. If a user logs on to a computer without using the keystrokes, an attacker can still capture the keystrokes by using another way. They can also capture the screen from the victim’s computer, so they can see what the victim is typing.
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There are many different types of countries from around the globe.
These all have their own (and often different) IP address block.
This program will look in the database (See Project Repository) for the information on the region of origin of an IP address.

Known Bugs:

This program cannot always find a match in the database (i.e. some regions will have no data).
I have also had the issue with some IP addresses not being included in the IP address block.

What is New:

Version 1.6:

Updated to SQLite3

The database can be compiled from source

Added Registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Microsoft.DotNET\

Version 1.5:

This version of the program can now be compiled into a DLL.
There are also many changes to the database table.

Version 1.4:

I have added a complete set of IP address blocks to the database.
I have also added a tooltip to the list of countries so you know what the block you have selected is for.

Version 1.3:

I have compiled the source code to a DLL.

This has allowed me to include a list of countries into the program.

I have also removed the images of the countries from the dialog box.

I have also added an example IP address block so you can see what the list looks like.

Version 1.2:

I have added a dialog box to display the information on the list of countries.

I have also added a «help» button to the dialog box.

Version 1.1:

I have removed the images from the dialog box.

Version 1.0:

This version is the original beta program.

It is possible to use this program in many ways.
I will include some more useful features in the next version.

You can browse the file list from the command line.
You can also create a custom list of countries.

You can create a new program to find the country of origin of a file or directory.

You can also add additional IP address blocks to the database.

You can use this as a simple IP to Country or IP to Region of Origin of IP lookup utility.


I have compiled

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