Get ready to mark your calendar soon: neuro-marketing mogul, Internet Entrepreneur, public speaker, and co-founder of Paper Boyz by is bringing his NFTMag Convention to South Florida as soon as again. This winter Josh King Madrid and and companions–creators of The Junior Punks; Joey Sendz & TheBlondeJon are bringing an impressive lineup of celebrities, influencers and NFT trade professionals can be speaking and advising attendees in Miami, Florida.

Lately, JetSetFly has cemented himself because the 1 chatbot automation marketer within the world. With over three years of expertise in Instagram DM automation expertise before anybody else was allowed access to the tech, JetSetFly has amassed over 14,000 prospects and has generated more than $20 million in total online sales — all from humble beginnings.

In addition to his internet marketing & ecommerce empire, Josh King Madrid also heads, a news media company with over forty staff members. In 2021, JetSetFly was estimated to have introduced $10 million and over one hundred,000 leads to 3x NFT collections where he consulted marketing operations.

Furthermore, this year JetSetFly co-founded PaperBoyz by, a NFT assortment of three,650 Paper Boyz NFTs delivering the NFT Magazine scoop of the day. All Paper Boyz members get access to NFT education, the latest news, a bad-ass alpha community & a lot more.

Paper Boyz NFT is among the few projects with a Well-known well known artist on the team. The artist behind mobile apps Angry Birds & FIFA, Edgar Vehbiu, a 16 year business veteran who has worked with hundreds of manufacturers together with Sony, SalesDrive and Drata; three unicorn status tech companies meaning they’ve reached $1B+ evaluations.

Paper Boyz’ 2022 NFTMag Convention shall be among the largest NFT enterprise conferences on the planet, with an estimated three,600 individuals planning to attend the distinguished occasion which is roughly the identical size as Miami real estate Entrepreneur Grant Cardone’s 2022 10X Growth Con. Between dining, shopping, and hotel lodging, the weekend event is anticipated to net round $1 million in income for the Miami space, so local enterprise owners and sponsors will likely be happy. Seats on the occasion will only be available to Paper Boyz NFT holders, with a limited number of tickets launched in this fall this year for $2,450 on NFTMagCon’s official convention’s website here.