Keymacro is a small utility that helps users to configure their hotkeys. It allows the user to set up custom keystrokes as hotkeys, which he can then assign to almost any operation. With this functionality, the user can customize the Windows interface to work the way he prefers. For example, the user may wish to assign an option to minimize all applications, or to open a certain application. Keymacro works by creating a small driver, which is injected into the kernel of the operating system. It does not install any modules into the kernel.Keymacro runs in the background and intercepts all the keypresses made by the user. It does not restrict the user from using the operating system or creating any Windows applications.
Keymacro is built with the following features in mind:
* Hotkeys.
* Assign a keyboard shortcut to perform a certain function.
* Select an option to open an application or select a file.
* Edit the hotkey’s options and apply changes to the Hotkey.
* Specify the Keyboard language.
* Save custom keyboard shortcuts to a file.
* Select an option to repeat an operation.
* Select an option to automatically send the selected text as a hotkey.
* Select the option to automatically copy the selected text to the clipboard.
* When performing an action, the program will notify the user of what function he is performing (e.g. open a file, execute a command, launch an application, and so on).
* Keep track of the most frequently used hotkeys.
* Specify the way in which the hotkeys should be closed.
* Quickly access the options menu by pressing Win+D.
* Design a custom shortcut key.
* Select from a list of available function keys.
* Use common keyboard shortcuts, such as CTRL+H, CTRL+S, CTRL+T, CTRL+E.
* Specify the Windows version and Windows service pack installed.
* Save a shortcut for the program.
* Specify the size of the shortcut.
* Program a text label to appear in the taskbar.
* Keep track of what the user selects.
* Keep track of what the user selects and click.
* Display the Windows’ context menu.
* Pause the program while the user is performing a function.
* Program to automatically open certain files.
* Specify the preferred program.
* Specify the preferred Windows application. 384a16bd22

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In the Daan & Leen’s research, the macro architeture «macro-architecture» is a macro structure with a macro agent. The macro agent is an object that monitors the physical environment and take the necessary action based on the context of the physical environment.
The macro-architecture can be applied to any device with a sensor such as mobile phones, PDA, and so on.
The structure of the macro agent is as follows:

environment: the place where the macro agent operates, for example, a room, room’s entrance and so on.
state: the information about the macro agent’s environment in the past, for example, the weight of the robot, the battery level, the temperature of the robot.
action: the result of the macro agent performing the necessary action to cope with the changes of its environment.
schedule: the time schedule that will be performed by the macro agent.
decision: the decision of macro agent for taking the corresponding action.

Logic of the behavior of the macro agent is as follows:

The macro agent checks the environment;

If the environment is changed, the macro agent takes the appropriate action;

The macro agent periodically checks the environment and performs the corresponding actions.

The macro agent is a moving object, which carries out a variety of actions in its environment. The actions of the macro agent can be divided into the following 3 states:

Execute Action

Pause Action

Periodically Performing Action

The macro agent’s execute action is the main action that the macro agent will perform based on the environment.

This action is the main task of the macro agent, such as picking up and delivering the object, opening and closing the door, pouring out and receiving the object, recording and saving data, and so on.

The pause action is the second main action of the macro agent, which can be used to make the macro agent not perform any actions temporarily. The periodical performing action is the third main action of the macro agent, which can be used to perform actions periodically to keep in touch with the environment.

In the macro architecture, the macro agent and the macro are semantically unified and share the same object state.

Micro-architecture of the Macro Agent

The macro agent of the macro-architecture is a mobile agent. The macro agent is divided into 3 layers:

lower layer:

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