Aerodisabler is an application designed to disable Windows Vista Aero Glass while running certain programs. The latest release of AeroGlass has caused quite a problem for some users. In order to disable the Aero Glass, the AeroGlassControl.exe file has to be replaced with a modified one. This modification is called
Aerodisabler. However, the problem is that it causes your operating system to have a lag time. It becomes slow and it also has an effect on the system’s startup time. This is why we have developed Aerodisabler. Aerodisabler can disable Aero Glass without having the lag time that AeroGlassControl.exe has. In fact, it disables the Windows Vista Aero Glass while running the specified programs and having no lag time.
In addition, Aerodisabler can have a preset mode which activates Aero Glass by default. This means that the Aero Glass is automatically activated while the computer boots up.
Also, Aerodisabler supports Windows 7 Aero Glass.



The Aerodisabler.exe is a small executable file and it only takes 5Mb of free space.

Aero Glass over/off toggle switch in tray.

Additional Controls:

AeroGlassControl.exe will be replaced with Aerodisabler.exe.
Default: On
AeroGlassToggle (toggles on/off Aero Glass).
Default: No
AutoDisabler (Activates/Deactivates Aero Glass automatically).
Default: Yes

AeroGlassOff: When the computer boots up and Aero Glass is disabled, it shows the Aero Glass disabled box.

AeroGlassOn: When the computer boots up and Aero Glass is enabled, it shows the Aero Glass enabled box.

AeroGlassOnToggle: When the computer boots up and Aero Glass is enabled, it shows the Aero Glass enabled box.


Language (select)

Region (select):

Aero Glass settings can be set in the registry. (Info: If you wish to change the registry settings, refer to this article)


The installer is free of charge, open source and it is distributed in a free format. The source code is available for download at the download site.


If you wish to use the application, you must eea19f52d2

XBat is a tool for creating scripts.
XBat was developed so that you can use it even though you never studied programming.
Now you can quickly create the batch scripts you need with the aid of this handy and accessible piece of software.
XBat was created for Windows, however, it is an easy to use application for any computer platform.
Using XBat, you can create batch files that are both easy to use and perform powerful functions.
xbat has an easy-to-use graphical interface which allows you to create advanced batch files.
This product is not shareware or freeware
Xbat has an easy to use graphical interface. You can create advanced batch files with it.
You can create your own applications with XBat
Use it,
If you like it.
If you don’t,
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Welcome to the world of Programming.
In this course, we’ll teach you how to use Visual Studio 2017 to build C++ applications for Windows and Linux. We’ll explore the language features and tools available in C++.
Topics include:
*Introduction to Visual C++
*Using the Visual Studio editor and tools to build C++ projects
*Using the C++ compiler and build system
*Using classes and objects to create a C++ program
*Adding C++ libraries to a program
*Writing your first C++ program
This course is meant to be a hands-on, get-up-and-go course, and it’s also an introduction to C++ for anyone who’s familiar with other languages like Java and C#. It gives you an overview of the language features and tools available in Visual Studio, such as creating projects, working with code, debugging, and profiling.
This course is also a journey of discovery to help you create your first C++ programs. We’ll take you through the process of building the same program we work on throughout the course using Visual Studio 2017, from a blank project, to adding libraries and a function.
When you’re done with the course, you’ll have built your first C++ program, even if you’ve never written a line of C++ before. You’ll have learned the language basics, and can go further by taking online courses like Build a C++ GUI application, which we recommend

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