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The Battle of Grothe occurred in the summer of 1627, between English and Scottish forces led by Charles I and Charles II in the Thirty Years’ War. Charles I’s forces defeated and captured the Scottish-supported town of Grothe (or Gythe) on 19 July 1627.


The battle occurred during the Great Rebellion, an English civil war between the supporters and opponents of King Charles I of England.

Charles I had spent the spring and early summer of 1627 in the Scottish Lowlands. Charles I had spent much of the war in the Scottish Lowlands, coming to Scotland only twice to return to England. He spent most of his time in Edinburgh Castle, which was in Scottish hands and was also regarded by supporters of Charles as his rightful capital. Charles also spent most of the summer at his headquarters at Falkland Palace, the former home of his father King James I in western Scotland. In November 1626, three months before the Battle of Grothe, Charles had agreed to the Convention of Falaise with the Scottish Commissioners, ending hostilities between the two nations. The peace agreement had also called for the King to return Falkland Palace, and soon after that Battle of Falkland was fought, Falkland Palace fell to the Scottish Royalist forces.

Charles had also driven to Stirling Castle, where he had the Royal Standard raised on its keep.
Stirling Castle was also the former home of his mother Queen Henrietta Maria. After the Battle of Falkland, the King and his wife spent several months there. In addition to the Royal Standard, Charles had also ordered his standard of the Rokeby Saint Michael to be raised in Stirling Castle. Both Stirling and Falkland were lost to the Royalists, and in both cases the Royal Standard was raised on keep, which was the traditional location of Royal Standards in England and Scotland. The Duke of Hamilton had been given the King’s command to defend Stirling Castle, but other than that, the castle was held by the garrison of under 3,000 men under the command of Sir John Maxwell.

The battle

Charles I, who had just returned to


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Often times, in order to properly align certain work parts or articles with another work part or article, a measurement must be performed.
Various prior art devices, such as hands, scales, and the like, have been used to perform such measurements.
Prior art tools used for length or linear measurements are inaccurate and difficult to use.
The present invention has eliminated the inaccuracies of prior art devices by the utilization of a simple, inexpensive, accurate tool. Such a tool is disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 5,438,841 to Marcus. However, the present invention expands on the function of the Marcus invention by providing an improved method of using an adjuster plate to accurately determine the length or linear measurement of work parts.
The foregoing examples of the related art and limitations related therewith are intended to be illustrative and not exclusive. Other limitations of the related art will become apparent to those skilled in the art upon a reading of the specification and a study of the drawings.Share this:

The Yadier Molina Show, pregame edition, ended when the Cardinals clinched the NL Central crown. His players gave him a hug in front of thousands of fans at Busch Stadium, but his former catcher couldn’t believe how he got here.

«It’s amazing,» Molina said after his team’s 5-4 victory over the Reds clinched the division title.

Molina, who decided not to retire and sign with the Cardinals this winter, entered the day leading the