KeyMACRO is a XBase component written in C language.
It simulates the keystroke macros that can be executed when you press certain key, such as, CTRL + somekey, CTRL + Shift + Pause, CTRL + W, etc.
The «somekey» can be replaced with any key you want.
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The application is designed to work with Photoshop (CS5, CS6, CS7 and CS8).
All the commands are configured for the default input / output options.
Image size:
Supported: Crop, Merge, Shift, Rotate, Zoom, Color Adjust, Fade, Frames, Modify Color, Overlay, Grid,
Aero, Water, Distortion, Color Shade, Granular, JPG, Color Selection, Grain, Rotate, Sharpen, Blur,
Duplicate, Moth, Shave, Cloner, Clone, Clone Brush, Color Splash, Selective, Gradient, Smart Objects,
Flood, Lighting, Sharpen, Rotate, Fire, Black and White, Defocus, Sepia, Posterize, Emboss,
Emboss Mono, Erase, Levels, Curves, Add Noise, Saturate, Distort, Darken, Lighten, Invert,
Grayscale, Crop To, Opacity, Crop, Color, Create Gradient, Lock, Emboss, Enlargen, Resize,
Blur, Anti-aliasing, Watermark, Embed, Photomerge, Colorize, Filter, Clip, Flop, Distort,
Shadow, De-noise, Emboss Mono, Color Separation, Cutout, Rembrandt, Soften, Burn, Defocus,
Invert, Sepia, Posterize, Outline, Make Gradient, Blur, Desaturate, Lasso, Elastic, Make Adjustment,
Smooth, Duplicate, Curves, Sponge, Diffuse, Diff, Posterize, Black and White, Resize, Distort,
Marquee, Water, Blur, Pattern, Pattern Mask, Toaster, Rainbow, Reflect, Remodify Color, Replace,
Blend, Angle, Cartoon, Saturate, Pastel, Warp, Sepia Tone, Line, Adjust Hue, Add Adjust Hue,
Sketch, Pixelate, Apply Art, Clone Art, Add Art, Select Art, Copy Art, Paste Art, Draw,
Add Blur, Add Draw, Erase, Erase Art, Invert, Invert Art, Erase Layer, Repair, Fix, Irregular,
Glitter, Stylize, Spatter, Detail, Wallpaper, Liquify, Liquify Art, Wave, 3D, Glow, Box