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3D digital watch model After his successful acquittal over his tweets contending that individuals cannot change sex, Miranda Yardley claimed police were being used to ‘enforce a political ideology’. The PC said he had received a complaint about Harry’s tweets from a ‘victim’ — an unnamed member of the public ‘down south’ — who had alerted the hate crime unit of Britain’s biggest police force, London’s Scotland Yard. In contrast, Britain’s first transgender hate-crime trial was halted last March, after just one day, as the judge said there ‘is no case and never was a case’. And hate incident investigations are diverting officers from the priority of tackling violent crime, according to Cressida Dick, Scotland Yard’s Commissioner and Britain’s most senior police officer. Then, using a phrase with chilling Orwellian implications, Harry claims the officer added that the police wanted to ‘check his thinking’. When Harry asked why the officer kept calling the person who had made the complaint a ‘victim’, when no crime had been established, he was told ‘that’s just how it works’. The number of recorded crimes resulting in a person being charged or summonsed in England and Wales has halved in the past five years to just 7.8 per cent, according to the latest Home Office statistics.

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