It’s certainly not the best app out there, yet there are certain things worth mentioning. Sadly, it’s not as stable as it first appears to be, when you consider how much reliance there is on such a simple idea and seems to have some kinks here and there. Plus, when it works, it’s quite easy to use.
You have the option to set custom sound and vibration patterns whenever you send an update to the receiving device. Right off the bat, this is the 99d5d0dfd0


How does a transformer behave when the primary cable is open circuit and the secondary one shorted?

My question is basically about the impedance of a transformer.

There should be infinite voltage at the secondary terminals, because the transformer acts at secondary about the common ground. And also the DC resistance at the secondary(which is the impedance I want to calculate) is -ve.
So if my answer is wrong, where can I find the impedance equation for transformer