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Jamie puts his gun down and enters. Jamie knocks on the main door of the creep cabin but no one answers. Ew. This is when I’d leave this horror cabin. This episode, «Free Will,» is like a fun horror movie starring Claire and Jamie, and I’m here for it. Clearly, Claire’s never watched a horror movie. It’s 60 minutes of pure terror and suspense, where Jamie and Claire make every classic mistake you’ve seen in every scary movie – and it is amazing. It’s common sense. Don’t be fucking littering! Meanwhile, Claire’s like, «That smell isn’t goat.» Claire knows it’s a dead body. Claire and Jamie spend the night on the ground by the fire below the gangrene, dead-ish body. She asks Jamie if Bree knows and Jamie says no, she doesn’t. Someone asks Jamie if he sleeps with his head or feet near the fire. The next morning, Jamie asks Fergus to grab a piece of paper to get a message printed up saying they are recruiting an army.

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