synastry report; Aspects that are difficult to deal with:

He or she is generally adventurous, straightforward, incredibly active, independent, outspoken, amorous, and sexually impulsive, but most of all, he or she is adamant about retaining his or her own independence at all costs. The native has difficulties feeling independently confident in his or her own innovative method to active activity, which makes it tough to get started in any meaningful way. After a while, the native will walk in spurts and jerks, abruptly coming to an abrupt stop and then haphazardly resuming his journey in an altogether different, unconnected direction.11 Planets and celestial objects (icon set) \u2013 Magda Design \u2013 Printable ... Eventually, as a result of being continuously chastised for his or her seeming crazy, the native learns to trust in the «genius» of himself or herself and to behave in his or her own unique way, regardless of what other people think. The native is compelled to re-energize in an unexpected manner and without apparent provocation or justification. Ingenious activity that lasts for a short time is the best that may be hoped for. This individual must learn to maintain their composure and self-control. He or she may feel apprehensive or tense in certain situations.

Aspects that aren’t as tangible:

The native is prone to strange conduct and performing insane things when something catches his or her attention for a brief period of time.Readings \u2013 cac\u0153thes fvtvtvm The native is less conscious of the potential lack of benefits that may result from focussing on more innovative initiatives rather than just changing the way things is done. As is often the case, the challenge of the hard angle has the potential to yield more sound answers than the initial encouragement of the soft angle, which is concerned primarily with pleasing the native while being less concerned with results that are acceptable to others. Because of the difficult angles, the native is compelled to be creative in all of his or her acts.11 Planets and celestial objects (icon set) \u2013 Magda Design \u2013 Printable ... On the soft angles, he/she should only act in this manner when he/she feels like doing so. The native is also frequently interested in aviation, particularly in the operation of an air sign. Because of this, he or she succeeds well in vocations that need a lot of energy and bravery, as long as the local is cautious and follows safety procedures.11 Planets and celestial objects (icon set) \u2013 Magda Design \u2013 Printable ... He or she thrives on hard work and gives his or her all when faced with adversity. free synastry lesson #1: the mars\/lilith conjunction \u2013 cac\u0153thes fvtvtvm