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* JavaStatistics Library for Common Statistical Functions
** 1395 datapoints in data set
** 32 test data sets
** 2-dimensional data sets
* Floating-point Safe
** Ability to handle Extreme values
** Extreme values such as Infinity, Negative numbers, NaN etc can be handled
* Vectorization
** Optimization of the code by keeping the JavaStatistic Library small
** Uses arithmetic coding
** Can handle large data sets
* Optional Maintain-ability
** Maintain-ability of the project is improved
** Support for different languages and platforms
** Code is free from conditional statements
** Integration is easy
** Developers are able to easily use the library in projects using JAVA
* First Rate Support
** 24/7 online support
** Advanced technical support from the team
** Efficient support from the team
* Support for User-Defined Function
** Custom functions can be defined and used in the java code
* No need to learn any new programming language
** The entire code is written in Java and can be used across platforms
* Reliable and efficient performance
** JavaStatistics Library is very fast
** It does not require any other resources like JVM, PC, hard disk etc.
** Very fast execution on the system resources
** Supports all the standard statistical functions such as ESD, IV, SD, PSE, ZAP, SE, VIF, VAR, MLE, RMSE, MAE, IQR, WEIGHTED_MEAN, ZSTATISTIC etc
** Can be compiled into a JAR file and used from any other java project
* Support for DLLs
** Using the library in the Windows OS is very easy
** Using the library in the Linux OS is also easy
** Integrating with other project is very easy
** Support for Large data sets
** Supports data sets greater than 2GB
** Support for CSV, DAT and TEX
** Uses only few number of resources
* Ease of Use
** The JavaStatistics Library comes with easy GUI based tutorials to get started
** Help is provided by GUI based tutorials which includes written and video tutorial
** Explanation of each and every functions is provided
** Code Sample for each of the functions is provided
* User Defined Functions
** User-defined functions can be defined and used
* No need to learn any new programming language
** The entire code is written in Java and can be used