This extension to Google Chrome will scan your computer or your mobile device and provide you with information about any image on the internet that you are browsing on any of the various media providers, from the internet to your local hard drive, as well as on any of the various social networks.
With an additional right-click you can search for a particular image or view it as a full-screen image.
Download TinEye for Chrome from Chrome Web Store.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Why do we need TinEye?

How to download an image from an URL?

If you want to open an image on your computer or other device for editing purposes, you may be familiar with the right-click-select-open-in-new-window option to get the image in a separate tab or window for easy navigation and editing.
But if you want to download the image to your device for offline viewing purposes, you may want the image in a certain resolution for various reasons, such as viewing the image in a larger size or making prints of it.
But when you click on the open link in a browser it will take you to the site where the image resides, and there is nothing you can do about that.
All you can do is try to remember where you have saved it, if you do not want to lose it. And there is the other issue of whether or not the image was cropped.
That is, you can’t really know for sure if the image you see was exactly the way it appeared on the internet or if some of its sides were cropped.
Well, TinEye can help you get a better idea of where you are getting the image from and the resolution it is in, among other things.

How does TinEye work?

Most of us have seen a Google search image before. We click on the image, we see a lot of results, and we click on the ones we like.
But Google’s search results are not static, and depending on the keywords you typed or the images you click on, you could get a different list. So sometimes when we browse the internet, we can only see one page of a website, the one that we happen to see.
If we were to click on the image for more information we would be redirected to a site where all the available information about that image could be found, but as we all know that will also give us a link to other websites, and not just the one we eea19f52d2

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