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As New York has risen in prominence it has also become a hotbed for technology startups. From the industry to the movers and shakers of the city’s tech ecosystem, New York is constantly changing and is much more than a glass and steel structure.

As a New York native and resident of the City of Angels, I do so love to point out that I’m not from the finance center of the world. I grew up in the suburbs of Long Island, making the coast of Manhattan (and the island of Manhattan) as my home turf. With those facts noted, allow me to show the world that New York is more than an image.

The lifestyle of New York is far more than that of a bustling city. It’s also known as a city of art, culture and the people of New York are well versed in all three. It is a thriving city full of choices with respect to lifestyle, entertainment and of course, food.

And yes, I will certainly have a piece of pizza.

There’s a reason why I keep coming back and make this the home base. New York is truly the best place to experience new things in a city of both equal parts beauty and bustle. If you haven’t been here, please make the effort to visit.Q:

Calling object method from controller, but getting an undefined object

I have a basic grid in backbone that looks like this:
var Grid = Backbone.View.extend({
el: ‘#top-content’,

initialize: function () {
this.template = _.template($(‘#grid-template’).html());
this.collection = MyCollection.create({});

this.collection.bind(«reset», this.render, this);


render: function () {
var template = this.template({});
return this;

Inside the template I’m trying to call a method inside the model