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Foreign women don’t see making their man happy by serving him as necessarily a burden. It is not uncommon to see women in their 40s and 50s with youthful figures and complexions that are startling to the western eye, and that after bearing children and years of working and holding a household together. They have a higher opinion of North American and Western European men than they do of their own. In order to not oversimplify this discussion, I will primarily focus in this article on Russian and East European women, but many of these points cross cultural/ethnic boundaries. I’m talking about educated women, with university degrees, and responsible positions in their organizations. One site operator explains that so important this is to Russian women, that they will spend a good deal of their modest income on clothes, cosmetics and health-related items to insure they always are their best. Put another way: The belief in alien visitation, as presented here, is actually congruent with the Trump agenda – the idea that America could be restored in one fell swoop by an acceptance of the otherworldly saviors who are already in our midst.

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