Sales agent or sales rep? A smaller, growing business needs all of the resources and additional assist it can get, and an skilled sales agent generally is a nice addition to the growth crew for only a fraction of a cost.

A sales agent is usually an unbiased contractor who gets hired by a company to support or expand their sales in new markets and territories.

Here on the UMG we frequently hire unbiased sales agents to supplement the effects of our direct outreach. Often with the quantity of replies our shoppers do not need the capacity to observe up with every interested lead — and that’s where a sales agent comes in handy. Their job is to nurture the prospect till they’ve turn out to be a sizzling lead — after which the sale is nearly as good as done.

Why should you get an independent sales agent to your campaign?

Reduce hiring, administrative, worker costs

How much does an in-house sales consultant value? The common wage for a sales rep in the US is $50,000 a year. In case you have a few dedicated enterprise development managers already, that’s great.

However if you are looking to hire new salesindividuals to help your growth, that you must factor within the prices of hiring, training, etc.

Now add in payroll taxes, workers comp insurance, bonding fees, liability

insurance, etc. These are an additional $30,000 to $35,000 over and above the salesman’s base salary and upkeep costs.

All collectively this average salesindividual is costing you $eighty–85,000 per year. That’s a substantial amount, especially for a rising business. The question is, what’s he bringing back for you?

The reality is, the common new sales rep will not start paying off these costs until their third month.

Opposite to that, an unbiased sales agent will price you nothing — until they start bringing in revenue.

You don’t pay your agents a salary, benefits or expenses. You just pay them commission.

This makes sales agents an attractive option for smaller businesses particularly — higher probability of a sale for far less investment.

Increase sales

Exactly because sales agents have no fixed wage, they’ve all of the more incentive to sell better and faster.

Since there is no such thing as a base wage to depend on, agents can’t afford to slack off at any time; they must sell to live, and therefore should make sales time count.

This implies that their sales approach will be a little more aggressive, a little more direct — but then rather a lot more effective.

Since we started working with sales agents, our Account Managers have seen a 25% increase in the number of hot leads and bookings.

Lengthen your customer base

Do you know exactly the type of audience you have to be selling to? Think again.

A sales agent is a marketer, targeting manager and sales rep in one. This means they will have their own ideas of the best way to market your product and who to market to.

In other words, sales agents will provide a breath of fresh air that so many businesses with stale firms need.

Skilled sales agents usually already have a pool of trusted prospects and connections. Based mostly on their experience working in the industry, they will open the doors for new, higher audiences to enjoy your product.

And who knows — maybe they’ll see something your own sales reps have been lacking!

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