CP Converter is a lightweight and portable application that enables you to perform codepage conversions. It offers support for TXT, HTM and HTML filetypes. The tool doesn’t integrate complex options, making it suitable for all user levels.
Portability advantages
It’s packed in a single.exe file that you can save in any location on the disk to directly run the program. Otherwise, you can copy it to a removable storage unit, in order to seamlessly launch CP Converter on any computer with no previous installers.
More importantly, it doesn’t add new entries to the Windows registry, so it doesn’t increase the likelihood of OS stability issues. Plus, it doesn’t create other files on the disk without your permission, nor require any DLLs during runtime.
Simple GUI for converting codepage
When it comes to the interface, the utility adopts a small window that shows all options available. You can use a file browser to locate the TXT or HTML file you want to process, select the source and output codepage, as well as specify the destination directory and name of the new file.
Worth noting is that the original files remain untouched, so there’s no need to create backups prior to using this application. The supported codepage types are ASCII, CP 895, CP 852, Windows 1250, ISO-8859, UUEncoding 1, UUEncoding 2, and quoted.
On the other hand, the tool doesn’t implement options for autodetecting the codepage of the source file. On top of that, it doesn’t support batch processing, so you can convert only one file at a time.
Evaluation and conclusion
It didn’t put a strain on the computer’s performance in our tests. Plus, we haven’t come across any problems, since it didn’t hang, crash or prompt errors. Thanks to its interface and options, CP Converter can be easily handled by anyone.

[Is this a valid benchmark? Will it become a cheat to see how fast the older games run in this new patch? If the current patch is in any way decent, why are all the testers complaining about bugs and performance problems with it?—(Any relevant questions?)]

(16:40:05) (ckinnison) I think many of the common bugs have been fixed now.

(16:40:21) (ckinnison) People are still finding ones, but eea19f52d2


Are you tired of wasted time spent on finding downloads? Do you want a stable and non-annoying tool that will make downloading your files hassle-free? Are you looking for a tool that will quickly do its job and provide you with the best results? If your answers to the above questions are “Yes”, then RevConnect is just what you’re looking for.
In RevConnect you can download files that are released by other users from your specified sources. If you find any file that you are interested in, right click on it and click on “Open” in order to download it.

RevConnect is a modified version of the more popular DC++ file sharing application that adds a few features to the core program. By doing this, it tries to fill up some gaps and also comes with new concepts regarding refined search and reward system.

Typical and intuitive interface

Being built on DC++, this software benefits from a strong, well-known framework. As soon as you run it, you are welcomed by the familiar interface of its source application. There aren’t any notable graphical differences between the two GUIs until you get to the Search section of the application.

Paired with the comprehensive Help contents incorporated, it becomes quite clear that all user types can find their way around it, without encountering any issues.

Advanced search options for getting the most accurate results

RevConnect features the classic search items as well as a “Refine results” component with proactive filtering system to help you eliminate certain files and folders from the search query, “Hub List” for selection of particular hubs to be taken into account or “Download Options” with selectable priority and location.

In addition to that, it sports some advanced search options. For example, you can choose to treat grouped items as single items when refining, looking only for users with free slots, automatically closing groups and remember their position, and only bring up items with TTH root. For further information about a file, you can use the context menu to look TTH up on Bitzi.com.

Increased download speeds, the reward system and the “Enhanced Automatic Search”

This utility does a great job at managing active downloads by selecting multiple sources, if available, thus increasing the download speed without any user intervention. At the same time, it makes sure that excessive sources are dropped for better functionality and less futile traffic on the network


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